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wedding-_rings_on_bibleYour wedding at St. John the Divine will be conducted by the Reverend Nick Parker who will meet with you to discuss your wedding and help with the planning and preparation of your ceremony. If you would like to have your wedding ceremony conducted by a family member or another ordained minister, our clergy would be pleased to assist you with this. The church pianist will provide and assist with the planning of the musical program that would be coordinated with the wedding service and your specific requests.

The parish liaison will assist the bride
and groom with coordinating your Wedding-Rings-the-Flowers-1920x1200-wide-wallpapers.netrequirements and facilitating arrangements on both the day of rehearsal and the wedding day. She will guide and advise with any decorations and floral arrangements, with the ushers and their responsibilities, the procedure of seating guests, the bridal processional and any other special needs. The cost of the wedding is $1000.00 which includes the church, minister, rehearsal, pianist, facilitator & custodial. Two standing floral arrangements are optional.

The undertaking of a Marriage Preparation Course is required of marriage in the Anglican Church of Canada. We have found that this practise of being prepared for their married lives is both comforting and enlightening. The Reverend Nick Parker will discuss this with the bride & groom upon their initial visit. St. John the Divine will assist you in preparing everything you will need for your wedding.

If you are interesting in moving forward and booking your wedding with us, please feel free to come by or call the church during office hours and ask that you please complete our Wedding Agreement Form .