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First Theme: Scripture as validated by experience, and experience as validated by Tradition, are good scales for one’s spiritual worldview (Methodology).
Good Power Meditation 26 of 57

In past meditations we have defined the Bible as: an honest conversation between humanity and God, but never for a moment denying divine inspiration; a guided conversation going both ways between God and soul; and also where real power really is. This leads to the question: “What are some reasons that those who claim to be Christians are afraid of power or the power that they can have for good?”

The Bible is a conversation about power. It is not saying that all power is bad. We have become so mistrustful of power and have seen how often it has been misused—even in the Bible—that we tend to think all power is bad. However, in the Acts of the Apostles the very word applied to the Holy Spirit is dunamis, or power (Acts 1:8). So power cannot be bad. There has to be a good meaning to power.

Power in the hands of a truly converted person, a person who is not egocentric, is necessary and good. Mother Teresa was powerful. Too often, even in our own Roman Catholic tradition, we have aligned our power with the power of the state, with the power of money, with the power of control, with the power of authority, with the power of ambition. As a result, we have distorted and even avoided the true meaning of spiritual power.

From A Teaching on Wondrous Encounters (webcast/CD, DVD)

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