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Parish of St. John Divine Squamish

Our First 100 Years



  • · Mr. William Mashiter moved to the Squamish Valley to take over the Magee farm. The  settlers who had moved to the valley were clearing the land and growing hops and hay.
  • · Some of the first families were the Robertsons, the Raes, the Judds and the Madills.


  • · The Rev. Manual, a Methodist minister, rowed a boat from Gibson’s Landing to Newport (Squamish) to hold a service on a bright sunny afternoon in one of the settler’s homes.  This was the first “missionary” visit recorded.


  • · Miss Anne Barbara Edwards began a Sunday Bible Study class. The first classes were held in the schoolroom.  Each week Miss Edwards would appoint one of the settlers to lead the meeting on the following Sunday.  Hymns were sung, prayers offered and scripture read and discussed.  Between 25 and 44 people attended, and these meetings continued until April 1904, when Miss Edwards married Mr. Harry Judd.


  • · Allan Greene, a young seminary student from Wycliffe College in Toronto began fortnightly visits to minister to the settlers, arriving at the dock in his mission boat “Eirene”.   (Greene became head of the Columbia Mission boats which travelled to small villages up and down the B. C. Coast, and he later became Canon Greene.)
  • · Oct. 1st – The parish of Newport and Brackendale was established by the Diocese of New Westminster.


  • · Mr William Mashiter became the first warden of St. John’s and remained so almost continually until his death in 1938.  Mr Mashiter was also a Lay Reader for many years and was very active in the new community of Squamish.  He opened the first store here at the foot of Winnipeg Street with a small dock, “Mashiter’s Landing.” He was the first Postmaster and the first Justice of the Peace in Squamish.
  • · Under the guidance of the Rev. Allan Greene the local settlers were able to raise $1,000., a donated piece of property and a loan from the Diocese to build the new church of St. John the Divine on 6th Avenue in Squamish.
  • · July 20th – The Right Rev. A. U. DePencier, Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster presided at the first service in our new church of St. John the Divine, at 11a.m. with 21 attendees.  The church was officially dedicated at the 7 p.m. service with 45 people in attendance.


  • · October 11th – The first marriage in the church was Mr. Frank Buckley and Miss Doris Galbraith with the Rev. Charles Hoyle, officiating.


  • · Mrs. E. Reeve (Owen’s mother) was President of St. John’s Ladies’ Guild.  With her help the guild was able to purchase a pipe organ for $100. from a Roman Catholic mission, possibly from Sechelt.
  • · The Rev. Hebert Greene (brother of Allan) was our first resident Vicar.  He did a lot of travelling from Millcreek (Woodfibre), Britannia Beach, Brackendale, and in the summer months he took the PGE train to Cheakamus, Cheekeye Camp, Daisy Lake, Pemberton Meadows, and boat to Bowen Island, Grantham’s Landing, Whytecliffe.  He started “Sunday School by Post.”
  • · In the early1920’s Whist Drives and Musical evenings at the church were very popular.


  • · Mrs. Elizabeth Mashiter (nee Atkinson), the well-loved first president of the Ladies Guild passed away.
  • · In the late 1920’s services began in St. George’s, Pemberton, in conjunction with St. Mary the Virgin in Lillooet.


  • · St. John’s Ladies Guild became St. John’s Branch of the Women’s Auxiliary, Diocese of New Westminster.


  • · The opening of St. John’s Parish Hall on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Winnipeg Street, on land donated by Mr. William Mashiter.  It was celebrated with a lovely roast beef dinner with all the trimmings and pie for dessert, for over 100 people (at 35 cents a head).


  • · Oct. 20th – The Rev. T. L. Rimmer noted in the Vestry book “No service, worst flood ever, here on the 19th – 6 ft. of water including 2 ft. in house and church. Rescued from the vicarage by boat; church badly damaged.”  Many church records were lost in the flood.


  • · The Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Gibbs arrived and stayed for many years.  Mrs. Grace Clarke was secretary of the Church Board at that time.


  • · The Parish Hall was re-roofed.


  • · The Rev. Charles Gibbs travelled by train to Pemberton, and by boat to Woodfibre.  He did not have a car.  For many years St. John’s was a three-point parish, with our clergy ministering in St. John’s, Squamish, at Trinity Church, Woodfibre and St. George’s in Pemberton.
  • ·Between 1962 and 1964 St. George’s was part of Diocese of Cariboo, and then once more a member of our of Diocese of New Westminster.  St. George’s closed its doors (temporarily) in 1979.
  • · From 1933 to 1972 Trinity Church, Woodfibre was in operation.


  • · Re-roofing of the Church and the Vicarage, and concrete foundations put under both.  The cost of $3300. was met by a loan and grant from the Diocese and fund-raising work of the W. A. (Women’s Auxiliary)


  • · St. John’s Church Bulletin began.  Mrs. Ruth Fenton was Assistant Editor and Publisher.


Seven Underlying Themes of Richard Rohr’s Teachings Carpeting was laid in the sacristy.  We hosted a visiting team of eight people from the Diocesan mission, “Year of Evangelism”, including Dr. R. A. Ward and the Rev. Marney Patterson.  The mission was very well received.

  • · Up until 1958 when the highway to Vancouver was completed, Squamish had been a somewhat isolated community.  After the opening of the highway there was an influx of people from the lower mainland and Garibaldi Estates was developed, followed by Garibaldi Highlands and Valleycliffe.


  • · Mr. Douglas Fenton was granted a Parochial Lay Reader’s License.  A combined study group was formed by the Rev. Gibbs and the United Church minister, the Rev. Clugson.
  • · Mrs. Annie Moon and Mrs. Kate Hurren were presented with W.A.Life Membership.

Mrs. Moon alone was the Altar Guild for many years.  Mrs. Hurren looked after the upkeep of the Parish hall. (Mrs. Moon was Grace Clarke’s mother and Mrs. Hurren was Jo Reeve’s mother)


  • · An oil furnace was installed in the Parish hall. The hall had been heated with a wood-burning heater up to this time.  Dennis Debeck donated the wood and Marsh Hurren stacked it.  The Maintenance committee consisted of Mr.Bailey, Frankie Wilson, Don Dickie.
  • · The 3rd Squamish Cub Pack, sponsored by St. John’s and under the leadership of Mr. T.W.Clarke, won honours by showing the most progress in cubbing and were awarded the Flack Trophy.
  • · We had to start locking the church after an unfortunate incident when the church had been decorated for Thanksgiving and the congregation arrived on Sunday morning to find the vegetables and fruits were strewn all over the church.
  • · Mrs. Evelyn McCartney faithfully picked out the hymns for the Sunday service every week.
  • · The Parish hall was used for Sunday School, for bazaars and teas.  Later, the Sunday School was held in the basement of the Vicarage.
  • $1.49 lunches were a big success – the local restaurants said we stole their business away!


  • · Trinity Church Woodfibre recorded having 51 families on parish list and 81 children in Sunday school!


After 15 years of ministry at St. John’s, we said goodbye to  the Rev. C.H.Gibbs and family.  He and his wife and three boys travelled to Europe and the Middle East, and wrote us some interesting letters from the Holy Land.


  • · The tragic death of Judy Howey on her way home from Mamquam School.  Her friends, who attended St. John’s, donated two wooden collection plates in her memory.  A work bee was held by many men, women and children to clear a wide path through our lot on Diamond Road to give a better view from the houses to the school.
  • ·The Rev. and Mrs. Denis F. Harris arrived and moved into the newly built Vicarage on Diamond Head Road.
  • ·We said sad goodbyes to organist Mrs. Anne Goddard and her husband Bill, choirmaster.


  • · Mr. Pat Goode donated to St. John’s a large piece of property at the corner of Diamond Head Road and Diamond Road in the newly formed Garibaldi Estates.
  • · The Rev. Jacob Borokini, a divinity student from Nigeria, came to speak to parishioners about life in his home country – the civil war, poverty and disease and his missionary work.  He was very grateful for support from our Diocese.


  • · Diocesan statistics listed 112 families and total “number of souls” on parish list as 404.   Mrs Ruth Fenton was Sunday school supervisor, with 35 children.
  • · June 14th – 75 year Anniversary party was celebrated with a barbecue at the home of Harold Bailey. Marjorie Bruce reported on our history. (Note: Harold Bailey was Annie Moon’s brother, uncle of Grace Clarke.)


  • · January Vestry meeting –  Doug Fenton officially welcomed the Rev. Godwin and thanked the ACW for the fine work they did looking after the church and Parish hall; and he also thanked Shirley McAllister, our organist.
  • · From March church committee meeting – “The roof of the parish hall still leaks and better weather is needed to check just where the leak is.  Perhaps the lean-to is to blame.”
  • · The Services were: Family service 1st Sunday of the month, Holy Communion 2nd & 4th Sunday and Morning Prayer 3rd Sunday.
  • · The Rev. Godwin said that his work was hampered by having Church, Parish hall and Rectory in different places and we should think about a new building.  (The Church and Rectory were on 6th Avenue and the Parish hall was on 2nd Avenue.)
  • · June 20th Our parish joined St. George’s, Pemberton for morning service and a picnic lunch.
  • · Mrs. Ruth Wilson suggested that we pay the Rev. Godwin’s monthly phone bill and that St. John’s should be listed in the telephone directory.


  • · Vestry meeting, Jan. 30th –  It was reported that Archdeacon Wilkins would meet with the Rev. Godwin, Mr. Fenton and Mr. Chapman to discuss the possible moving of Woodfibre church to the Garibaldi Highlands property. A letter from the Diocese said that Holy Trinity Church in Woodfibre was to be phased out Sep. 30, 1972.  (It was later decided that it was not feasible to try and move the building.)
  • · A moving truck was rented and several parishioners moved pews and furniture from Trinity Church, Woodfibre to St. John’s.


  • · After the sale of the Parish hall in downtown Squamish, Church Committee began to look at building a new hall /church on our lot in Garibaldi Estates.  Initially Lindal Cedar Homes plans were considered but rejected by the Diocese.
  • · On the third Sunday of the month when the Rev. Godwin went to St. George’s, Pemberton,  the Rev. John McDougall and Mr. Douglas Fenton conducted our morning services.
  • · In March a retreat was conducted by the Bishop in Paradise Valley.


  • · Feb. 19th – An open house was held at the Rectory to celebrate the 100th birthday of Mrs. Godwin, Sr.
  • · On the first Sunday after Easter, our organ was loaned to the Christ Church Cathedral organist who performed an Easter Mass at the Brackendale Art Gallery.
  • · A Special Vestry meeting was held and we voted to build a new hall on the Garibaldi Estates property, to be used initially as the church.
  • · To plan for our new building Mrs. Calverly spoke with the Municipality and to Mr. Don Ross of the School Board about proposed population increase. The Rev. Godwin met with the Ministers of the Baptist, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal Churches to find out about their growth rates.
  • · The Rev. and Mrs. Godwin moved out of the Rectory (to live in Timber Town).


  • · Jan. 25th – A Financial Committee was formed, comprising Mr. D. Dickie,  Mr. P. Evans and the Rev. John McDougall, to raise funds for the new building.
  • · June 15th – A farewell potluck supper for the Rev. and Mrs. A.E.W. Godwin was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fenton.
  • · The Rev. E. Owen Johnston came as our new Rector for two years, after which time he became Honorary Assistant for many years.


  • · Mr. Villi Jensen of Howe Sound Construction Co. was given a performance bond and signed a contract for the building of the new church.  Proposed cost was $117,000.
  • · The new building was completed.  It was designed as a Parish hall to be used as the Sanctuary until we could afford to build an addition.  At the time we thought it would be about five years but turned out to be twenty-four years!
  • · Mr. Wilson encouraged the Rev. Johnston to do home visits, especially to the elderly and the sick.
  • · Mrs. Fenton reported that there were 34 children on the Sunday school register and  5 teachers, with 2 more needed, as she and Mrs McDougall were going to step down after many years of teaching.
  • · The Rev. Johnston wanted to hold additional services and proposed having some  informal coffee get-togethers the Rectory.
  • · May 16th – Two missionaries visited the Sunday school – one from Japan and one from Tanzania for an early service and breakfast.
  • · Mr. Don Wilson reported that everything depended on the new building being erected and that it was time to begin.  He said “the expected debt is most discouraging.”
  • · June – Sunday school closing breakfast at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fenton.

ACW ladies had a windup gathering with dinner at the Loggers Inn.

  • · The Altar railing and furnishings were moved to the new church. A loan of $51,000 was received from the Royal Bank, and $15,000 from the Diocese.  An interim agreement with the Lutheran Church was received for sale of the old church (for $24,500.)

$100. donation was sent to PWRDF.


  • · Jan. 30th – Grace Clarke reported for the ACW on fundraising events such as the Bazaar, Pancake Luncheon, Garage Sale, Sale of rags to B.C. Hydro and Diamond Head Motors.  40 new chairs, drapes and the pulpit for the new church were paid for.  Other activities were quilting, pot luck supper, painting the new church hall, kitchen shower.
  • · We had four new Sunday school teachers:- Brenda Mayers, Dorothy Bass, Janet Poole and  Pat Evans. The Sunday School had a wiener roast in Cottonwood Park for their last get-together before summer.
  • · It was suggested that more spiritual formation was needed, discussions, study groups, prayer and Bible groups, as well as services for children and youth.
  • · Two outdoor signs were needed, one for the corner near the Rectory and one on the sign board next to the parking lot.
  • · Church committee was concerned for the safety of children playing in the new parking lot as many young children lived in the immediate neighbourhood.
  • · ACW met on Wednesday evenings for Bible study and twice a week for quilting. A quilt show was planned for Thurs. May 12th.
  • · Church committee discussed boycotting Ugandan coffee because of the human rights abuses happening there (under the government of Idi Amin).
  • June – The bill for organ repairs was $1,061.  Emily Shaw had requested that money be taken from the Ernie Shaw memorial fund.
  • · ACW ladies and outgoing Rector, the Rev. E. Owen Johnston enjoyed a lovely dinner at Fergies Restaurant.
  • · Our new Rector, the Rev. Paul Yip started a Servers’ guild of 6 confirmed or soon- to- be confirmed boys & girls.
  • · Holy Communion services were held on 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of the month and Morning Prayer on the 2nd & 4th Sundays (all at 11 a.m.)
  • · The Rev. Yip handled appointments for use of the church hall by outside organizations.  Agreed prices were $15 for an evening meeting, $50 for an afternoon bazaar, $25. for a shower or tea, $100 for a reception and $50 for use of the kitchen.  Weddings were $100, which was divided between the Minister, Organist, Altar Guild and Church.


  • · Jan. 29th Vestry – Sunday school had  25 – 30 students each week who were studying “Through the Bible in a year.”
  • · May 28th – A Garden Party was held, organized by Betty Cherbonneau, Louise and John Dillabough and Harold Horwood.
  • · Walter Huber built a prayer desk and a frame for the stain glass windows from the old church (which had been repaired by the Rev. Aubrey Godfrey).
  • · June 18th – The Choir held a strawberry tea at the Horwood’s.
  • · The Wardens reported excellent response to the stewardship campaign and thought that we may even be over our objective.
  • · Mr. Pat Goode generously helped with stump removal and filling the land where the trees had been cut down.


  • · Jan. 15th – John McDougall began an 8-week Bible study of Phillipian’s.
    Church members were divided into sub-committees: Finance; Property; Choir and Social.
  • · A shortage of Sunday school teachers and not many children attending.
  • · A Busy Fall with an Evensong service, an old fashioned Hymn Sing and Pot  Luck Supper to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary (of being in the new building).
  • · Nov. 24th – ACW hosted Talent Nite Auction, Dance, Dutch Auction, Wine & Cheese.


  • · June 1st – Annual Barbecue.
  • · We received an additional $5,000. Diocesan loan and were able to reduce Royal Bank loan to $10,846.
  • · ACW Friendship Tea was highly successful so it became an annual event.
  • · Bernard Elliot volunteered to be our PWRDF representative on the Diocesan unit.
  • · Beginning in September, Sunday school was held at 9:45, Church service at 11:00. Elsie and Nellie Lamb ran the Sunday School, beginning in a small alcove at the back of the building and then later expanding to the basement of the Rectory.
  • · Family service was held once a month.
  • · Oct 8th – The Rev. Walters spoke on Christian Growth and Fellowship and wanted Vestry members to help with parish visiting.
  • · November – We were falling behind on loan payments. It was noted that the “ACW contribution has kept this church afloat over the past year.”


  • · Jan. 25th  Vestry meeting –  Lack of Sunday school facilities.  Committee struck to investigate building an addition on to the hall.
  • · June  – Salmon barbecue organized by Nelson Winterburn.
  • · St. John’s hosted our first International Dinner, enjoying food from 10 different countries and a Drama Club Monologue by Mrs. Ramus and Recitation by Mr. J. Slack.
  • · There was a book study of “Comparative Religion”


  • · Jan. 31st Vestry meeting – We were several months behind in loan payments.  It was noted that 50 percent of our income came from six families.  Rector’s salary was $23,000. of which we were only able to pay $6,000.  We were very much a mission parish.
  • · Maundy Thursday – Ethel-Jean Gray organized a cantata on “The Seven Last Words of Christ” by Ritter.
  • · New quilters met for lessons conducted by Maureen McDougall.  The last session ended with a pot luck supper.
  • · Feb. 28th – Archdeacon Charles Wilkins and Diocesan Business Administrator Henry McAdam met with Church Committee  to talk about tithing and financial commitment.
  • · The Squamish Ministerial group suggested that a petition be taken to all the churches asking the Municipal Council to forbid organized sport before 12:30 on Sundays.
  • · Oct. 13th – The Rev. Walters thanked Mrs. McDougall for all her work on AIM (Anglicans In Mission) project .
  • · Dec. 8th – Mrs. Fenton reported a successful stewardship visitation program.  $385. received in cheques; 52 homes visited by 9 visitors.
  • · Miss E. Lamb reported that everything was in place for the Sunday school pageant to be held Dec. 12th with the  ACW supplying refreshments.


  • · Vestry Meeting – Archdeacon C. Wilkinson and Diocesan Treasurer attended to hear concerns about our financial situation.  We were not meeting our monthly expenses.
  • ·Mrs. A. Walters took over as Sunday School supervisor, 45 children on the roll, and was also in charge of 8 young people working towards Confirmation.
  • · Salmon BBQ held Sat. June 25th, $6./plate for adults, $4./ for children 79 people in attendance.
  • · Nov. 5th  – International Supper  “It was a most successful and pleasant evening …with close to $700. profit.”
  • · 29 Families benefitted from food and clothing donated by our members in 1983.


  • · Vestry Meeting –  Mr. D. Fenton reported that the roof was leaking.  He said that there were roof patches available that can be installed even in wet weather!
  • · Mrs. M. McDougall noted “that there are presently no taxes on the Rectory due to the good graces of a previous mayor.  This could easily be reversed….”
  • · The harmonium(organ)  that had been previously repaired for $1,500. Memorial money was worn out and repairs too expensive to consider.
  • · There was a concern about young people from the local neighbourhood climbing on the church roof.
  • · May 13th – ACW Garage/Rummage/Plant sale held.
  • · June 8th & 9th – ACW displayed their beautiful quilts for the community.  $1. admission.
  • · Sunday school finished up the year with a Treasure Hunt at Alice Lake, followed by a picnic at the church.
  • · June 17th –  Father’s Day service.  We were treated to the sounds of the Roman Catholic Boys Choir.
  • · 11 parishioners attended a Billy Graham Crusade, travelling with members of the Baptist church by bus to the city.


  • · Vestry meeting – In order for us to be more welcoming, several people volunteered to act as greeters on Sunday mornings.
  • · Elsie Lamb reported on Sunday school challenges.  51 children enrolled, crowded conditions and more teachers were needed.
  • · Mrs. Gwen Harry, our first ever female parish warden, thanked Rev. Walters for his concern shown, and his participation in a workshop sponsored by the Native Drug and Alcohol Councillor.  Mrs. Harry encouraged the congregation to get more involved in their church community.
  • · Newport Roofing repaired the roof in all the places it was leaking.  We had a 10-year guarantee on the work.
  • · June 11th – Special Vestry meeting was held to decide on whether to proceed with building a sanctuary as an addition to the hall.  The vote was 16 No votes, 6 Yes votes.  Motion was defeated.
  • · The Anglican Church Women celebrated 100 years of service.  The Most Rev. D.W. Hambidge during an installation service noted that “The purpose of this society (ACW) is to unite women in a fellowship of worship, study and stewardship which will deepen and strengthen their own spiritual lives and lead them into Christian service everywhere.”


  • · Vestry meeting – Members urged not to donate extra to special funds until operating expenses were covered.  An effort would be made to rent the building to outside groups more often.
  • · An active Stewardship program was organized to encourage parishioners to contribute 3 to 10 per cent of their net salary.
  • · Continued discussion about what to do with the old organ.
  • · Feb. 11th – An Emergency meeting had to be held as we were deemed to be in a financial crisis situation.  Colin Hoath from the Diocese, spoke to the committee about leadership, responsibility and stewardship.  He pointed out, that “a Parish does not exist to balance its budget, but exists to call people to be with God in their Church.”
  • · May 7th – Evensong service with guest speaker, the Ven. Lou Rivers. 61 people attended.
  • · ACW Daffodil Tea, Garage, Rummage & Plant sale raised $511.
  • · Mr. Hoath returned for a workshop to help the congregation come up with new ideas for: social activities, worship education, caring outreach, finances and family worship.


  • · In a time between clergy the Rev. J. Robertson from the Diocese helped us to come up with a 3-year plan with specific goals for worship, music, church education, finances and outreach.
  • · It was decided to rent out the Rectory.  Lots of upgrading was done by parishioners: new roof, new deck, painting, work on bathrooms and wood heater.
  • · A brand new Church School program began, under the direction of Grant Wilson.
  • · A bulletin of upcoming events was handed out once a month.
  • · Ruth Fenton reported that the ACW Bazaar brought in $4742., plus $1339. for a quilt raffle.
  • · 100th Birthday of the World Day of Prayer service held March 6th followed by birthday cake; 100 people present.
  • · Roger Griffin served on a task force with St. Monica’s to explore the possibility of Anglican ministry in Whistler.


Our lay ministers took over leadership of the church – Mr. D. Fenton was Bishop`s Warden.  Services were led by visiting “Sunday supply“ ministers, including the Rev. Peter Zimmer and the Rev. Neil Gray.

  • · April 22nd – Colleen Winterburn headed up our first Goods and Services Auction, which brought in $3,400.
  • · The church was completely painted inside and out.


  • · Vestry Meeting – Warden Roger Griffin thanked Owen Johnston and John McDougall for their constant help with services in the two years between rectors.  Mr. Griffin reported that Church Committee had achieved at least three of five goals set in our three year plan; and he outlined areas for future improvement.
  • · July – The Rev. Charles Balfour and family arrived and enjoyed coffee after the service and he suggested we continue with this time of fellowship every Sunday.
  • · September – Church school was held Monday evenings 6:30-7:30, led by Rita Carey
  • · ACW Bazaar held at the Civic Centre was a huge success.  48 ladies listed as helpers.
  • · December – The play “The Best Christmas Pageant” was enjoyed by the entire community.  It was directed by Doreen Ramus.  ACW served refreshments.
  • · Children’s Christmas play and Pot Luck supper was a great success, with 100 people in attendance. (The Rev. Charles Balfour brought his wonderful gift of drama, and many plays and puppet shows were put on by the children with the help of his wife Judy and the rest of the Sunday school teachers.)
  • · New songbooks, “Songs & Hymns of Fellowship” arrived from England.


  • · Vestry meeting – Maureen McDougall reported that 1989 had been a great year for ACW.  29 ladies attended Jan. meeting, the Bazaar was a tremendous success, with all of the parish taking part. Alda Dickie presented the Rev. Charles Balfour with a cheque for $6,000.
  • · The Rev.Balfour introduced the idea of small Growth Groups to be held in people’s homes.
  • · Sunday School sponsored a child in Sri Lanka through Christian Children’s Fund.  Joanna DeSouza came and spoke to the Sunday School children about Sri Lanka.  Church School took an active role in monthly Family Services.
  • · Adult education included study of “Portraits of Spirituality”.
  • · Trevor Mills worked on taking apart the old reed organ for cleaning, and reassembling.
  • · Lenten home group studies of Archbishop  Hambidge’s video, “Mission and Ministry” were held, with up to 25 people attending in various homes.
  • · Two evening sessions on “10 Days for World Development” held in conjunction with Squamish United Church.
  • · Roseanne Rudolph led the newly-formed choir.
  • · The Rev. Charles Balfour asked what we could do in what the Lambeth Conference called a “Decade of Evangelism”. He said that “first and foremost we must be a people of prayer.”
  • · May. 13th – ACW hosted a luncheon to celebrate 30 years of ordained ministry for John McDougall.
  • · Sep. 22nd – The Archbishop spent the day with us, teaching about prayer, bible study & reaching out and sharing, followed by a Pot Luck dinner.
  • · Rita Carey reported that 34 children were in attendance at the first Monday Night Church School of the fall.
  • · Sep. 16th – Picnic at Alice Lake.  Ruth Wilson brought fresh corn for 50 people.


  • · Fifty new pew Bibles were purchased.  Paid for by A.C.W.
  • · ACW was a very busy group.  Spring Tea, St. Patrick’s Day at Hilltop, Hospital Cart,
    Rummage Sale, and a huge Christmas Bazaar held at the Civic Centre to name just a few of the activities.
  • · A new wall was built to enclose the alcove so that it could be used for Sunday School and a meeting room.
  • · The roof over the kitchen, alcove and washrooms leaked quite often.
  • · Apr. 6th – The first Men’s Breakfast was held.  Nine attended.
  • · Oct. – 60 children signed up for Sunday School with an average of 27 attending each week and four classes.  There were 58 children at the picnic.  The weather was good and everyone had a good time.


  • · Oct. – A brand new St. John’s Youth Group began with a movie night in the home of Rita Carey.
  • · We held our first ever Ultreya meeting organized by Roger Griffin with a lively Eucharist service, followed by a pot luck supper with lots of sharing and singing.  34 people in attendance, from 8 different parishes in our Diocese.
  • · A very active Church school led by Karen MacDonald, 34 children and 6 teachers.
  • · Nov. 7th – St. John’s celebrated our 80th anniversary since the first church was built on 6th Avenue in Squamish.


  • · Vestry meeting  – The Rev. Charles Balfour thanked Linda Griffin for many years of editing and typing newsletters as Elsie Lamb took over.
  • · Plans were being made for a Cursillo Supper on May 28th to introduce more parishioners to the Cursillo movement.
  • · After 80 years of Diocesan support, our grant came to an end and St. John the Divine was able to be truly self-supporting.
  • · The Rev. Balfour commented on how well the ecumenical movement in Squamish was going; working well together on Community Christmas Care and Squamish Soup Kitchen.  “Singing the Faith ” had become so popular that “in 1994 the gathering needs to take place in the Civic Centre as no church building in town is big enough to hold everyone…”
  • · Active Men’s group continued with well-attended breakfasts, average 12 to 15, on the first Saturday of every month. Master Chef was Al Cherbonneau.  Breakfast was followed by maintenance done around the church.
  • · A.C.W. members Emily Emsland, Alda Dickie and Ruth Wilson sponsored a cart at Hilltop House with chocolate and personal items.  Maureen McDougall oversaw the making of a wall hanging for the dining room, Peg Tinney had a weekly reading hour.  Sunshine lady Dot Galley remembered the sick and bereaved. Ruth Fenton was president.


  • · The Church School was using the Whole People of God curriculum and Pat Bolkowy  was the only Sunday school teacher and needed help.
  • · The Youth Group met every two to three weeks.  They did some gardening around the church and offered, as a service for the Goods and Services Auction, to clean vehicles inside and out.
  • · May – The Ladies were invited to Men’s Group breakfast meeting.
  • · 10 a.m. Service averaged 53 people.
  • · Dec. – We welcomed the Rev. John Stephens and wife Ruth and very soon after, their daughter Sarah.  The ladies of the church were happy to host a baby shower for the new arrival to our church family.


  • · 10 a.m. Service averaged 61 people
  • · April 17th – Inaugural service at St. George’s, Pemberton.  The Rev. John Stephens held one Eucharist service per month, on a Wednesday evening in Pemberton.  St George’s was beginning again with mostly lay ministry.
  • · We were outgrowing our facilities especially for Sunday School (held in the Rectory) and nursery.  Several proposed building plans were presented to Vestry. This led to a Building Committee being formed, headed by David Johnston.  Laurie Brealey and Betty Miller started a Building fund-raising campaign.  The response was amazing.


  • · 10 a.m. Service averaged 64 people.
  • · Our beautiful quilted pall was dedicated after 2 years of work on it by 5 quilters, in memory of the Rev. John McDougall.
  • · Ruth Wilson, Alda Dickie and Alice Christie began to help Emily Emsland with the Shopping Cart at Hilltop House (began in 1984 with $50. donation from ACW.
  • ·Dec. 28th – Betty Miller, postulant to be a deacon gave her first sermon here.


  • · 10 a.m. Service averaged 72 people
  • · 14 baptisms, 5 weddings and 25 funerals.2 adults & 2 children confirmed.
  • · The Rev. John Stephens in his Vestry report said “ we have seen growth in different areas, all of which are exciting and encouraging for 1999 and into the new millennium.”
  • · Mar. 1st – The Rev. E. Owen Johnston preached at both 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. services to celebrate his 75th birthday and 50 years of ordination.
  • · A monthly Healing service was introduced.
  • · April – “Guess Who`s Coming to Dinner“ raised $220. For PWRDF.
  • · May 24th – Our first ever Blessing of the Pets Service -many dogs, cats and a duck.
  • · June 20th – Parking Lot Party was held on Father`s Day – games, music  and activities for all ages.
  • · The annual Chili Challenge was won by Doreen Ramus.


  • · Betty Miller helped the Rev. Stephens a lot with Worship, Christian Education and  Outreach.
  • · The new sanctuary was being built and funds were being raised. John Stephens said that the new sanctuary “will be a place to grow in our faith and love of God.  It also offers us an opportunity to reach out to Squamish by making our facilities available to our community.”
  • · Linda Halvorsen led the music ministry, with a choir of 10.
  • · An 8 week spiritual formation program called Renovare was very popular and a small group of people continued to meet for some time after this.
  • · The Breakfast Program began at Mamquam Elementary School run by 10 volunteers from the parish after an idea and some research by Joan Cubbon.
  • · Some parishioners were involved in a Dialogue on Homosexuality with St. Stephens, West Vancouver.
  • · Susan Johnston was Sunday School Supervisor.  The children would come for the first 15 minutes of the service, then go over to the Rectory.
  • · Karen MacDonald, with the help of Rita Carey, and later Lisa Hunter, led 18 young people through lots of Youth Group events, including Bowl for Millions, The Passion of Jesus, Tacky Tourist Party, Halloween party, Church Bazaar, Canned Goods Drive with the United Church youth, Christmas Pot Luck and a game of Holy Wood Squares as well as the burying of a time capsule in the garden!
  • · The Altar Guild was up to ten faithful ladies.
  • · Men’s Group met for Breakfast once a month, with an average attendance of ten.  They were very involved in maintenance around the church and also organized the annual Chili Challenge.


  • · The new building was completed with the help of financial support and volunteer work by the congregation, such as painting and finishing the huge beams, washing and scrubbing the floors, construction cleanup, demolition, grading and planting new grounds.  No more moving pews to and fro, and a real office for the rector!
  • · Palm Sunday –  Bishop Michael Ingham blessed our new sanctuary. 170 people in attendance.
  • · June 4th – Our first service in the new sanctuary. Also the baptism of Matthew Stephens.
  • · June 11th  – Betty Miller was ordained Deacon at Christ Church Cathedral.  We rented a bus and a large number of parishioners attended the service.
  • · Betty, along with Cory Couture and Charlie Gillingham began a Contemporary music service once a month.
  • · Betty visited a lot at the Hospital and Hilltop House, as did our Rector and Wendy Booth.
  • · Our music ministry was led by Linda Halvorsen and Rosanna Rudolph.
  • · ACW was still very active despite an aging membership.  They hosted the World Day of Prayer, Spring Garage sale, catered Deanery Clergy luncheon, funeral tea, Please Mum Desert and Fashion show, Meet the Cast party (Howe Sound players), Christmas Bazaar.  Their outreach included Sorrento Centre, Camp Artaban, Elizabeth Fry Society, Missions to Seafarers, Canadian Bible Society, W.A.Memorial House Roof fund, Community Christmas, Legion Poppy Fund.
  • · It was a busy year in Sunday School with six teachers all very happy to have a new space for their lessons.
  • · Adult Christian education included the book,”Following Jesus:First Steps along the Way” We sent financial support to St. John’s Anglican Church in Belize and also to the Revs. Ed and Kay Schmidt, doing mission work in El Salvador.
  • · We got a beautiful new altar for our new space – ACW paid for the lumber, Gary Lokken built it, Nick Tattersfield carved  the designs on it and Serge Goffinet did the finishing.
  • · Dec. – The youth from Squamish Pentecostal Church joined our Youth Group for the Canned Goods Drive for Community Christmas Care.


  • · Rector’s Warden Gene Peirce ordered new hymn books.,”Common Praise”,  at $21.95 each and parishioners could buy the books in memory of a loved one.  A $1,000. donation was made for hymn books.
  • · Palm Sunday – Karen MacDonald and the Youth Group assembled 100 box lunches and delivered them to needy folks in Vancouver’s downtown east side. It was a real eye-opener for them all.
  • · Apr. – Nick Tattersfield made the “Easter rock” that we use every year.
  • · Detlef Rudolph installed the sound system in our new sanctuary. Dave Curtis made a cart to hold the card tables.  Brian McIntosh brought the forklift over from Mountain Building  Centre to move the shed around the back.  Serge Goffinet and others erected the bell in the bell tower.  Jo Reeve purchased a wonderful extension broom to rid the hall of spider webs.
  • · In the fall Laurie Brealey became a Youth Group leader.  The group had their second annual Progressive Dinner.
  • · Sep. – Sunday School classes used the “Whole People of God” curriculum.  Teachers were Kathy Couture, Lisa Hunter, Sue King 3 & 4 yr. olds, Joan Cubbon, Barb Leigh, Jean Jamieson 5-7 yrs.olds and Pam Tattersfield and Susan & Johnston 8-10 yr. olds, 11 and over David Johnston.  Cory Couture and Charlie Gillingham joined the Sunday school with their guitars and voices at the beginning of every week’s session.
  • · August – We were sad to see the Rev. John Stephens and his family leave, followed a few months later by our deacon Betty Miller and husband Alex.   The Rev. Ray Waller, our Interim Priest, and wife Dolores supported us greatly for many months before we could hire another full time Rector.
  • · The Rev. E. Owen Johnston led us in our 8 a.m. Eucharist Service using the Book of Common Prayer.
  • · Wendy Booth led our monthly Hymn sing at Hilltop House and visited the sick at Squamish Hospital.


  • · Jan – Twenty singers from St. John’s at the ecumenical Singing the Faith event.
  • · Roger Griffin led our Lenten study.
  • · Roseanne Rudolph took on the Children’s Focus in our Sunday service.
  • · The Rev. Ray Waller arranged for Archbishop David Sommerville to spend an entertaining and informative evening with us.
  • · August – We were thrilled to welcome the Rev. Mike Stuchbery, wife Tracy and children Benjamin, Jonathan and Emily.
  • · The Rev. Stuchbery created a Worship Committee to plan our services.
  • · Sep. 1st – A wonderful Induction service for our new Rector followed by a real feast.
  • · A combination Pot Luck dinner /Ultreya and Contemporary Service was enjoyed by all.
  • · David Johnston led a Committee for us to explore how we felt at St. John’s about the Same Sex Blessing issue.  A small group worked hard reading books, watching videos, completing surveys and in discussion; and in the end we could not reach a consensus on whether or not we would support the Blessing of Same Sex unions at St. John’s.
  • · The Rev. Stuchbery after discussion with the parents, began to include children in the taking of the Eucharist.
  • · Twenty people participated in the study of the book “Practical Prayer.”
  • · Karen MacDonald painted the nursery in bright colours.
  • · Tracy Stuchbery began a Children’s Choir and we were often treated to their beautiful clear voices.
  • · Linda Halvorsen continued to lead the adult choir in singing of the hymns.
  • · The Annual Chili Challenge Cup was won by Chris Hnetka with sister Jennifer as a close runner up.
  • · Mike also continued our tradition of having an annual Pet Blessing service.
  • · Parish hall, kitchens and washrooms were all freshly painted.  The roof over the kitchen and washrooms was completely replaced (out of necessity).
  • · We enjoyed a very peaceful Advent Quiet Day.
  • · The Altar Guild quietly did their work as ever.  Some members had been on the guild for over 30 years.  Our two antique patens were repaired and re-silver-plated.
  • · ACW had another very busy year.  Grace Clarke continued to gather and total grocery tapes to exchange for gift certificates; Jo Reeve continued to purchase kitchen supplies and Dot Galley as Sunshine Lady, continued to send cards and flowers.
  • · Youth Group under the guidance of Laurie Brealey, Karen Brumpton and Karen MacDonald helped with loading at Community Christmas Care and had a few movie nights, one where they watched “Truth or Dare”, a graphic film about the effects of tobacco on the body.


  • · Jan. 30th – We held the first Taize service at St. John’s which became a bi-monthly  service in conjunction with the United Church, and Centering prayer twice a week.
  • · Feb. 9th –  The adult choir under Linda Halvorsen’s direction and the Children’s Chorus under Tracy Stuchbery’s direction sang at Singing the Faith at the Civic Centre.
  • · Combination Pot Luck dinner, Contemporary service and Ultreya with 40 people in attendance.
  • · Sadly, we lost 20 faithful members of our congregation this year, who all moved away from the Squamish area, but we were happy to welcome two new families to the fold.
  • · Two groups went on mini-retreats to Emanuella House of Prayer in Winfield.
  • · Nick Tattersfield and Rita Carey and committee worked hard to build a Memorial Garden complete with fishpond and barbecue, and had a beautiful labyrinth built.
  • · Mike Stuchbery led us through a course on the labyrinth, in conjunction with the United Church.   We helped them to make a portable labyrinth on canvas.
  • · Two adult education courses were offered; one called “The Anglican Way” and the other  one was overview of The Bible.
  • · Colleen Winterburn organized a historical fashion show called “Waisted Efforts” which was a great fundraiser and a lot of fun.
  • · In our Sunday services we enjoyed Mike and others on guitar and Maryann Amor on the flute (and sometimes the violin.)
  • · July – three young people came from Montreal to run a weeklong Day Camp for children.  It was a great success and the children loved it.
  • · We reached our financial target for money pledged to “Honouring our Commitment”, a Diocesan campaign aimed at paying our negotiated settlement with First Nations people, and we increased our givings to SIA and PWRDF.  Mike said about this outreach support, that it was “a tremendous sign of the sense of compassion existing here at St. John’s.”. However he was concerned about a drop in givings for our general operational expenses.
  • · We rented the hall and meeting rooms to the Waldorf School and the Montessori School.
  • · Envelope Secretary Wendy Booth reported that 94 sets of envelopes were used in 2003.

Sep. – Outreach Committee began.  $250.was donated to Squamish Food Bank and $250. to the Women’s Centre.

  • · A Bocce tournament at the Brealeys home with Youth Group and Church Committee.
    Our Youth group joined with St. Alban’s Youth group to take part in the “Side by Side” weekend fast and learning program.
  • · The Sunday School put on “Pippin the Christmas Pig” pageant to the delight of a large audience of family and friends.


  • · Feb. 22nd Vestry – Treasurer Don Christie and Past Treasurer Hannah Dudley, together with the Rev. Mike Stuchbery and Wardens  Rob Booth and Eve Brealey made up a “narrative budget” showing exactly how the money we pledge to St. John’s can be used for our ministry.
  • · June 9th – Bishop Michael Ingham came and blessed our Memorial Garden and Labyrinth.
  • · A new sun deck was built at the Rectory.  Nelson Winterburn was the property manager.
  • · Eve Brealey led us through the Get Fit, Keep Fit program beginning with an Evening of Nostalgia.  Parish Questionaires were distributed and the results collated.
  • · Boxing Day – We had a fire in the sanctuary after some candles were left burning in the Advent wreath.  A big clean up afterwards but thankfully, no major damaged occurred.
  • · Youth group began sponsorship of Stacey Rodriguez in El Salvador through Compassion Canada.  Another fun Bocce night was held at the Brealey’s.
  • · St. John’s Children’s Chorus continued to inspire us with their angelic voices.  A highlight was when they sang alongside the Gallery Singers from Vancouver.
  • · Debbie Fryers came up with the wonderful idea of us keeping a well-stocked food cupboard to help folks in need of a few groceries.
  • · We all began to make better use of our own Library after Ann Barnes worked hard to organize and catalog the books.


  • · We had our first ever Pickle Night with everything Pickle that you could think of, organized by Karen MacDonald and Elizabeth Sherlock.  Lots of fun for kids of all ages!   $92. in proceeds were given to Debbie Fryers for the Food Cupboard.
  • · Our wonderful St. John`s Childrens`Chorus sang with the visiting Gallery singers.
  • · Eve Brealey reported that when all the results of the Get Fit Keep Fit survey were tabulated, we had a Wish List of these three things: more clergy visits to parishioners, more young families, and more resources of people and finances.
  • · St. John’s Mews Society was formed to investigate how we could better make use of our property (for income and/or to help provide low cost/seniors’ housing).  A second grant of $10,000 was needed for further investigation to pay architects.
  • · The Rev. Shirley Stockdill reminded us that the Public Health department said that we need a dishwasher in the kitchen in order to cater to the community.
  • · The Youth Group began to collect recyclables to make money for sponsorship of Stacy Claribel Rodriguez, of El Salvador.
  • · The Youth Group filled backpacks with things they would need and enjoy and distributed them in Vancouver`s downtown eastside – “Angels with Backpacks.“


  • · The Hope Fund 2006 was created so that parishioners could donate an extra $5 per week (through various fundraisers) in order to erase the deficit of $7,325. By June we had reached $7,004!
  • · March 3rd – The World Day of Prayer was again held at St. John’s, with the Rev. Shirley Stockdill leading the service.  Shirley was very involved at St. John’s helping and filling in for Mike Stuchbery.
  • · We entered into contract with Sea to Sky Community Services for rental of the Rectory for an Addiction Recovery house.  Elizabeth Sherlock applied for grant money to cover Rectory renovations.
  • · Our Sanctuary became the home of the Grand Piano belonging to Howe Sound Performing Arts Association.  Under this partnership we became a popular venue for musical performances.
  • · We continued to enjoy the musical talents of Mike and Tracy and their children as well as the St. John’s Children’s Chorus.  The Children’s Chorus enjoyed a retreat in Rosedale and many performances in Squamish throughout the year.
  • · Archdeacon Lou Rivers joined us for a dinner party and signed The Get Fit Keep Fit Covenant on behalf of the Diocese.
  • · Dorothy Bruce became our Environmental Steward.  We replaced our light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones and looked at some low-cost retrofits for the church.  We continued to recycle returnables using the funds to pay for the Youth Group’s sponsor child in El Salvador.
  • · The Youth Group was very active in leading monthly Family Services, participating in several outreach projects like Homeless for a Night, Helping Hands society, raising $4,500 and having several fun social outings like snow tubing, hockey games, pumpkin carving, movie nights.
  • · St. John’s Mews Society completed their work, and although the geotechnical characteristics of our property proved to be ideal for further building, it was decided that for a number of reasons, mostly financial, it was not feasible for St. John’s to undertake a project at that time.


  • · Renovation work was done on the Rectory included improving energy efficiency, updating decor and updating the space to support up to 6 clients and 3 staff members for the Addiction Recovery house.
  • · Still needed were a new roof, fencing, parking and new windows.
  • · The Summer months were spent painting the entire outside of our blue church green.  Several parishioners donated hundreds of hours of time and the paint, the scaffolding and the power-washing were donated.
  • · We studied two books with the Rev. Stuchbery – Marcus Borg’s “The Heart of Christianity” and “Spiritual Direction” by Henri Nouwen.
  • · We enjoyed a Taize service once a month and sang Taize music regularly.
    Still Dancing installed a new floor in the hall and rented the space several days a week.
  • · Peg Tinney commented in ACW Vestry report that it was astounding how the members with an average age of 80 could still be so active.  Activities included a tea for the Support Recovery House residents, Spring Fling, World Day of Prayer, Legion Tea for Rememberance Day, collecting of socks and toques, and the Annual Church Bazaar.
  • · A Parish Ministry Group was formed to help Maryann Amor explore her vocation to ordained ministry.  The groups’ recommendation was that she continue to pursue this vocation.
  • · We continued to share Ash Wednesday and Good Friday services with our friends at the United Church.  We offered them the possibility of moving in with us should they find themselves without a building during new construction.
  • · After hours of practise the Children ‘s Chorus recorded a CD called “Openings”.
    Dec. -The Children’s Chorus  performed at the Mountain F.M. Charity Breakfast in Whistler and at the Sea to Sky Singers Christmas concert.
  • · The Youth group children slept one night in cardboard for their “Bed in a Box” event to raise awareness about homelessness.


  • · The Universal Gospel Choir came and did a wonderful benefit concert for the Support Recovery House, and our Children’s Chorus was able to join them in song.
  • · We hosted a beautiful “Sacred Cloth, Fabric and Fibre Art Show.“
  • · St. John’s acquired a $10,000 Line of Credit from Squamish Savings to help us with payroll continuance when needed.
  • · September 14th Special Vestry – to review our financial concerns as it was becoming increasingly difficult to cover our expenses.  We had to reduce our janitor Debbie Fryers’ hours and lay off our parish administrator, Wendy Booth, for the summer months.  We ran a Special Appeal of $10,000 and our congregation made up the shortfall!
  • · Through the Get Fit/Keep Fit program we came up with a 3-year Ministry Plan.  We set a series of goals to increase membership, such as Greeters every Sunday to help newcomers and visitors, a newcomers package, a volunteer in the nursery every Sunday, a through review of building usage, household visits, formation of small interest groups and several others.
  • · Once again we hosted the “Best Christmas Pageant Ever”; this time produced by Elizabeth Sherlock, directed by Aaron Purdie and Sarah Booth, and featuring children and youth from St. John’s as well as the wider community.
  • · Maryann Amor, Tessa Dudley and Sarah Booth led our Youth Group.  They had a pizza and games party to say goodbye to Ben, Jon and Emily Stuchbery.  Reluctantly we all said goodbye to Mike and Tracy and the children and wished them well on their move to St. Saviour’s in Penticton.
  • · Regular Men’s Breakfast were happening again.  Also the ladies met with United Church ladies for breakfast (Unican) every couple of months.  Great times of fellowship!


  • · We were very blessed to have a new Rector by February.  The Rev. Wendy Eyre-Gray was our first permanent female Rector, and although she began here on a half-time basis she was able to accomplish much.  As givings increased we were able to hire Wendy for three-quarter time.  Wendy brought us her wonderful gifts of contemplative worship.  Her husband David Dranchuk helped us to finish our Green Parish accreditation, and helped with maintenance of our buildings and grounds in many ways.
  • · We continued to run the Breakfast program at Mamquam Elementary school, and keep the Food Cupboard stocked.
  • · Wendy Booth offered a weekly yoga class to the residents of the Support Recovery house,  and Sarah Booth volunteered her time in the nursery of the Open Door Program for single mothers.
  • · Aaron Purdie graciously took on our music ministry after the Stuchberys left and we were treated to many special solo performances as well as Aaron’s leadership of our adult choir.
  • · The Youth Group once again organized a team for the Relay for Life cancer fundraiser.  They hosted a fun night of singing and dancing to the movie “Momma Mia”.  Eight young people from St. John’s attended “Survivor Artaban” run by Diocesan youth co-ordinator Phil Colvin
  • · The Rev. Wendy Eyre-Gray organized a Church Committee Retreat Day in August where we accomplished a lot, grounded in prayer, scripture and nature (in Eve’s garden).


  • · In the spring after several roof leaks and an inspection, we were all shocked to discover that the metal roof put on in 2000 was incorrectly installed and needed to be re-done.  There was damage to the walls from the leaking.   The original roof contractor was no longer in business.  We were able to secure a Royal Bank loan for $50,000 and a  partially- forgiveable loan from the Diocese.
  • · We became officially Incorporated as a Parish.
  • · September – Our Youth group invited youth and leaders from St. Francis in the Wood and St. Mary’s, Kerrisdale to join them in a campout at Alice Lake followed by our annual Outdoor Sunday service.
  • · Youth Group held a fantastic Christmas pageant in conjunction with the Sound Youth and the Sound Children’s choirs.
  • · Sam Sherlock organized a great Speaker Series with the money raised going to the roof.
  • · After hosting a Diocesan Area meeting, our faithful ACW decided to move from being a formal active diocesan group to a fellowship group who still continued to support the parish in many ways.
  • · Wendy trained a small group of us in healing prayer ministry and made it available to whoever  wants it on Sunday mornings, in the chapel during the Eucharist.
  • · Our Sunday School numbers went down to the point where we no longer held Sunday School but Wendy had a Story Time for them during the Sunday service.
  • · Wendy and Andrea Gailus supported the development of the Multi-Faith Society in Squamish.
  • · Many fundraising events were held under the direction of Tony Howarth and committee – Pancake Supper, Spring Fling, Boot and Pie Sale, Christmas Bazaar, Simple Pageant and New Year’s Eve Party.


  • · Feb. 15th – Wendy and David organized a very successful “Tribute to Leonard Cohen” fundraiser which was a wonderful event.
  • · Nick Herder headed up the “Screening in Faith” a process our leadership was asked to go through by the Diocese, with R.C.M.P. checks to ensure the safety of our children, and our assets.
  • · We were all happy to welcome the Rev. William Roberts offering his services as Honourary Assistant.
  • · We became a sponsor of the Howe Sound Music festival, which was held in our Sanctuary.
  • · Wendy Booth stepped down from her position as Parish Administrator after 10 years.  She agreed to head up our Ministry Assessment Process, to help us shape future ministry opportunities at St. John’s.
  • · The Altar Guild quietly continued their work.  Members were Ruth,Fenton, Peg,Tinney, Eve Brealey, Wendy Booth, Dollie Strelaeff and Alice Christie.
  • · We all were thrilled to celebrate with Owen and Jo Reeve their 70 years of marriage!
  • · Sarah Booth and the Youth Group attended the BCYAYM fall conference held in Penticton and were able to reconnect with the Stuchbery family.
  • · Oct. 15th – George MacKenzie’s band, “Dr. D. and the Soul Demons” entertained us all at our fundraising Harvest Moon Dance
  • · Only 1 to 4 Sunday school children each week. Pam Tattersfield, Sarah Booth and Eve Brealey provided craft and story time in the nursery.
  • · Rita Carey and Sarah Booth visited the Anglican Archives at VST to start researching our history for our Centennial year, 2013.
  • · Outreach continued to include all the faithful folks who volunteer at the Mamquam School Breakfast program, especially Debbie Fryers and Karen MacDonald, as well as our Food Cupboard.


  • · The Rev. Wendy Eyre-Gray turned 65 and retired.  Sad though we were, we all wish her the very best in her retirement years.  We were relieved when The Rev. William Roberts offered to help by being part-time Priest in Charge, and Bishop Michael Ingham gave his approval.
  • · Parishioners brought food during Lent to restock the Food Cupboard.
  • · Sea to Sky Community Services signed another five-year lease for the Rectory for the Support Recovery House.
  • · The Clients of the Recovery House looked after our lawn beautifully this year.
  • · Wendy Booth continued to hold yoga classes for the Recovery house folks.
  • · April – Ruth Fenton and Elizabeth Sherlock organized a fabulous fabric art show called “For the Beauty of the Earth.”
  • · Our roof repairs were half paid for – only $75,000 to go!
  • · Oct. – The Great Charlie Brown Pumpkin party was enjoyed by many children and adults alike.
  • · Wendy Booth and committee led us through an intense Ministry Assessment Process where we examined our strengths and our weaknesses as a parish and made a comprehensive plan for the future of ministry at St. John’s.  We identified 4 key Directions:- Christian Worship and Education; Improved Communication; Finances; and Optimum Building Use.  The plan was forwarded to the Diocese for approval.
  • · We began to make plans for our big Centennial year coming up in 2013; looking back at our history and celebrating our present and our future with many special services and events.
  • · The Rev. William Roberts hosted a series of interesting debates involving different people from the community, including Quest University students.
  • · In keeping with St. John’s tradition William held an afternoon service on Christmas Eve for young families.  This year the children we had an unexpected visit from St. Nicholas.


  • · The MAP team made a few adjustments to the 3-year ministry plan.  Vestry gave their approval to the plan and we have begun to implement the plan.  Church committee members will each be engaged in working on one of four sub-committees with parishioners (covering the four directions) and reporting to church committee.  We are still awaiting Diocesan approval.
  • · We are hosting a number of special events to celebrate our centennial this year:- “Songs for the Earth, Sea & Sky“ with the Christchurch Cathedral Choir, “Belles and Whistles“ historical fashion show and the return visits of our past Rectors the Ven. John Stephens and the Revs. Charles Balfour, Mike Stuchbery and Wendy Eyre-Gray.  Our main event will be a full weekend of celebration July 12th to 14th and we are honoured to have retiring Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham presiding at our 10 a.m. service on Sunday, July 14th.
  • · As always, we continue to have a small group of parishioners who visit at the Hospital and Hilltop House.  The ladies in the Altar Guild continue to work quietly behind the scenes; we continue to worship with singing and prayer and Bible reading and sharing of the bread and the wine; to host community events; to serve breakfast to the children at Mamquam School; to open our cupboards to those in need; to try to balance the budget; to fundraise; to keep up with the day to day maintenance of the property; and to fix the leaky roof!
  • · This year we look back on the richness of our past.  With thankful hearts we remember all those faithful saints who have gone before us, we celebrate who we are today and we look forward with hope and faith to an amazing, and as yet unwritten future!


Rita Carey, June, 2013