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The installation of a new leader of ministry is a significant moment in the life of a community of faith.  The new ordained minister has been chosen to teach and proclaim God’s word, to lead in prayer and worship, and to guide in living according to the Gospel — in short, to equip the people to live out their baptismal ministry as God’s royal priesthood.

The local community has a particular reference to specific people and concerns. It has its own traditions and customs which ought to be considered when planning the celebration. Usually, the celebration marks a new phase in a ministry of many years, and, therefore, ought to acknowledge the work that has gone on before.

The local community does not stand in isolation, but is linked to the ministry of the whole church.  It is therefore desirable that, if possible, the bishop be the officiant.  Together, the local community and new ordained minister, with the bishop and the whole church, continue the ministry of the people of God.

Please feel invited, stranger, friend, Anglican or United  to attend our celebration with Bishop Melissa and the Rev. Nick Parker on Wednesday, April 13th at 7:00pm.

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