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Welcome to Saint John the Divine Anglican Church

St. John the Divine Church has been serving the Anglican faith community in and around Squamish, BC for over 100 years. We welcome people from all backgrounds, and our church is wheelchair accessible.

While children of all ages are welcome in our services, there’s a play room adjacent to the worship area where families using it can see and hear the service. In addition, Sunday school is available for all children ages 4-13 years. 

Founded in July 1913, the Christian community of St. John’s Squamish is a member of the Anglican Church of Canada and the Diocese of New Westminster.

As you browse our website, we hope you like what you see. After your tour, please come in person to worship with us and get to know us better, or contact us if you have any questions.

Our contact information, map and address are at the bottom of this page. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.  Our services generally last an hour and light refreshments are served afterwards.

The Christ Community

The Christmas Story, as presented in Luke’s Gospel, is a joy to behold. Each year, at this time, we read of the journey, the census, Mary’s pregnancy, the birth, the shepherds, and of course the heavenly chorus of angels. In our liturgical celebrations the story is lived out so that the truth of it may be known.

Yet one part of the story that is often missed, or at least not usually mentioned, is that of community. Though the story is presented as if different events are occurring at different times and places, there is in fact a sense of cohesiveness. There is a community being formed and reformed around the Christ Child. Whether it be the family, the shepherd or the angels, there is a definite community who take it upon themselves to worship the new-born king, to provide for the child and to nurture one another in and through this child of salvation.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the community continues. Each of us is both a spectator and a participant. We are caught up in the lives of each other and of the story of God through his Son. We, like the heavenly hosts, need to sing praises to God saying “Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth.”

God wants us. We are needed, for we are the modern day communities surrounding the manger. So let us all encourage one another to participate this Christmas, as part of the worshipping body bearing witness to the Christ.



St. John’s Divine is a parish of the Diocese of New Westminster in Vancouver, BC.